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From Clients:

Lisa’s ability to understand the business she is partnering with, while exceeding expectations on the execution and delivery of the project or development program, is accomplished through her authentic approach with her client and their organization. This was on full display during our time together at Birchwood Automotive Group as well as when I had the opportunity to bring Lisa in to Wynward Insurance Group to deliver Relationship Awareness Theory across our operations in Canada.

- Richard Neill, Assistant Vice President at IG Wealth Management

If you are looking for a content developer to design e-learning for your business…. I highly recommend Lisa Salvador owner of Designer Learning. Exceptional and professional to work with and produces a fantastic product.

- Training & Development Manager, Canadian Sales Division- Global Food Delivery Service

We couldn’t do it without the guidance and strategy Lisa provided our team, Lisa is an amazing asset for our team and organization!

- Project Coordinator

We contracted Lisa to work with our managers during a period of growth within our company. She is a skilled HR professional with an extensive toolbox, that allowed us to cater training to our team’s specific needs within a niched industry. Lisa was able to connect with our team, get them thinking and effectively ran a unique and engaging workshop. It was a pleasure to work with Lisa and we would highly recommend her to any company wanting to bring in a seasoned HR professional with a wide and varied scope.

- Dr. Renee Phipps, Owner/Optometrist at Prairie Eye Care

Working with Lisa reminds me of how critical strong relationship building skills are in the world of performance, learning and consulting. Lisa's nature and approach to people gives her an ability to very easily build connections whether they are learners, stakeholders, decision makers, or executives. The impact of having that key strength means that she quickly gains attention, trust and respect, allowing her to work within solid foundations on any project in a new organization.

- Simone Smith, Director Talent Management and Learning Development

From Learners:

"Lisa did a great job working with us and explaining how SDI affects our everyday lives"

"I am now able to identify motives behind my own actions and those of my peers more effectively."

"Lisa is an awesome teacher and made it very easy for us to understand."

"Lisa is a fantastic facilitator. We are fortunate to have her working with our team."

"I thought the program was very helpful and insightful. I thought Lisa did an excellent job in presenting to the team."

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