Our approach focuses on People, Performance and Process.

Through our approach, we help you navigate the intersection of self-awareness and team effectiveness. Our process involves helping individuals or teams understand how their motives drive their behaviors and how those motives and behaviors change when things are going well, or not so well.

certified_facilitator_core_strengthsWith the Millennial generation growing as a force in the workplace, with technological advances connecting people around the globe, and with a heightened sense of consciousness about creating meaningful work, the ability to interact in an impactful way is more critical than ever.

Our tools are innovative, available 24/7, and provide insights in a way that instantly changes how you perceive others around you.

The Process

  1. Complete a personal Core Strengths Assessment
  2. Receive a thorough review of your results with a Certified Core Strengths Partner
  3. Access your results 24 hours a day with your unique login to the Core Strengths platform
  4. Discuss how Core Strengths can be implemented in your team

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