Designer Learning Partners with Civility Experts Inc.

Engaged Learning IS possible : Civility Experts Inc Partners with Designer Learning “Designer Learning is pleased to partner with Civility Experts Inc. to assist organizations large and small with their training needs. Designer Learning is all about true learning. We use high end learning and development tools to engage, encourage and bring out the best in the learning process. We … Read More

Inspiring Stories…Women, Motivation & Teamwork!

Can’t get enough of this great article. I immediately had to sign up for their daily morning email with 5 million other people. I am not typically one to follow the trends but as a millennial, a female, an entrepreneur and a fan of inspiring stories – I had to join the club! Read the article and get inspired too!

Does your workplace have a “Learning Culture”?

The ROI of workplace learning Learning at work strengthens Canada’s economy. Employee performance and organizational productivity are significant indicators of the state of the economy, and workplace learning is a strong contributing factor to both of these indicators. More importantly, from our perspective, previous research and experience tell us that many Canadian workers experience even greater gains when literacy and … Read More

Upcoming Workshops

Public Workshop Monday June 12th 9:00am – 4:00pm United Way Boardroom – 580 Main Street – Winnipeg Core Learning Objectives: Learn how your behaviours are driven by your motives Recognize how your motives change in conflict Learn how to more accurately utilize your strengths Become more aware of your perceptions and how they influence your behaviours Early Bird Registration $179 … Read More

The Most Valuable Business Commodity: Trust

Trust In Business

Article by David K. Williams. Reposted from “The best way to learn if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” – Ernest Hemingway As the CEO of a company that sells inventory software, I can say with complete confidence that we know how to measure the value of things (inventory, equipment, and people and time resources) for businesses … Read More