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Designer Learning brings unique approaches, fresh perspectives and realistic goals to organizations. We believe in challenging the status quo through our learning programs. We work to understand your team and business at a deep level and offer down-to-earth, approachable and meaningful development.

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Lisa holds a Bachelor Of Arts degree from the University Of Manitoba, a certificate in Human Resource Management from Red River College, and is in the process of completing the diploma program in Adult Education through St. Francis Xavier University.



We work best with small & medium-sized businesses that truly want to implement proper learning programs. If your company is ready to promote and welcome real change at every level, Designer Learning may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.



We believe in a straight-forward approach to learning. We avoid corporate-speak to deliver programs in a unique, relatable way designed to engage even the most diverse teams across a variety of industries.


Mission and Values


Our mission is provide innovative learning solutions tailored to organizations of all sizes. We thrive on bringing creative programs, designed to deliver lasting benefits to leadership groups and team members alike.

Core Values

  • Construct Unique Programs
  • Develop Realistic Goals
  • Embrace Creative Solutions
  • Promote Authentic Communication
  • Exhibit Passion In Everything We Do
  • "Lisa is a fantastic facilitator. We are fortunate to have her working with our team."
  • "Lisa did a great job working with us and explaining how SDI affects our everyday lives"
  • "Lisa is an awesome teacher and made it very easy for us to understand."
  • "I am now able to identify motives behind my own actions and those of my peers more effectively."
  • "I thought the program was very helpful and insightful. I thought Lisa did an excellent job in presenting to the team."

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