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Designer Learning brings unique approaches, fresh perspectives and realistic goals to organizations. We believe in challenging the status quo through our learning programs. We work to understand your team and business at a deep level and offer down-to-earth, approachable and meaningful development.

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Company Bio

The team of contractors working alongside Designer Learning are passionate about creating learning opportunities that work. Period.

Their experience working with various industries, both in private and not-for-profit sectors, as well as various company sizes, allows the unique perspective of understanding the array of challenges companies or organizations face.

Designer Learning’s main goal is to partner with the right contracted team members and to align with the right organization partners. Designer Learning strives to work with people who are ‘all in’ for idea sharing, transparency, (sometimes hard conversations), and ultimately, working towards impactful goals.

With well-rounded experience in facilitation, content development, quality assurance, mentorship, and being experts in adult education, the Designer Learning contractor team have the skill set required to help organizations create impactful learning opportunities that work.

Lisa Salvador

Lisa is the Owner of Designer Learning. She started this company because she is passionate about supporting small and medium-sized businesses by creating meaningful learning opportunities that only larger organizations can provide.

Trained in Human Resources and specializing in Training and Development, Lisa has replicated the work and expertise afforded to large organizations while providing exceptional service and creating long-standing relationships with her clients. Lisa oversees client projects and participates hands-on to ensure clients receive the best product to suit their needs.

In her spare time, Lisa enjoys spending time with her young family, supporting her husband, an entrepreneur, and staying active through running and strength training.

Sarah Coyle

Sarah Coyle

Sarah is an Instructional Designer and University/College Instructor with over six years of industry experience. She has extensive experience gained at various organizations, including the University of Manitoba, Red River College, The North West Company, Workplace Education Manitoba, Essential Skills Manitoba, and Manitoba Start.

At Designer Learning, she focuses on brand design, copywriting, and the delivery of instructional graphics solutions for print, web, and mobile channels.

In her spare time, Sarah enjoys photography, running, and cycling. In addition, she loves the great outdoors and the arts.


Paul Hardy

Paul is a training industry professional with more than 18 years of experience as a consultant, facilitator and instructional designer. He has worked with many iconic Canadian companies, including The North West Company, Canadian Tire, BMO Financial Group and Royal Bank of Canada.

Paul’s contributions to Designer Learning include the design and development of impactful and engaging E-Learning solutions that are based on measurable, business-focused performance objectives.

In his spare time, Paul is a part-time musician and avid home cook.


Heather MacKinnon

Heather is an Instructional Designer with 14 years’ experience. She has worked in a variety of sectors including oil and gas, construction, and transportation. While her expertise lies in eLearning, she has experience with Instructor-Led course development, virtual and blended learning, as well as curriculum development. She has worked with many large organizations such as WestJet, Bison Transportation, Shaw Communications, and DIRTT.

Overall, Heather loves creating meaningful, experiential and data driven learning. 

When not working on creating learning experiences, Heather spends quality time with her young family and helps her husband create a permaculture haven on their 4 acres of land. 


Darlene Dalgleish

Darlene Dalgleish is an Instructional Designer with over 20 years of experience in adult education and blended learning. She is passionate about creating beautiful learning experiences that meet business needs while empowering and engaging learners.

She is on a mission to replace dusty old training materials with interactive, engaging training solutions that make learning fun. Her superpower is breaking down complex terms into a simpler language, making it easier for learners to understand. Her keen eye for spotting errors makes Quality Assurance near and dear to her heart.

In her spare time, you’ll find her painting in her craft room or exploring new walking trails.

Mission and Values


Our mission is provide innovative learning solutions tailored to organizations of all sizes. We thrive on bringing creative programs, designed to deliver lasting benefits to leadership groups and team members alike.

Core Values

  • Construct Unique Programs
  • Develop Realistic Goals
  • Embrace Creative Solutions
  • Promote Authentic Communication
  • Exhibit Passion In Everything We Do
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